The pursuit of individual excellence in any field is a long and difficult journey.  It is made even more difficult when we try to achieve success alone.  Though often referred to as a ‘pioneer’ in Canadian women’s soccer, the truth is that Andrea had, (and still does have) exceptional mentors that helped, guided and stood by her throughout her life, both on and off the playing field.  It is in recognition of and service to those mentors that Andrea tries to help others acquire the necessary knowledge and wisdom to achieve their goals.

COACHING MENTORSHIP  (Online Option Available)
Coaching in Canada, particularly outside of the major urban areas can be challenging, especially in the area of coaching education and professional development.  While Soccer Canada and the provincial soccer organizations provide a great deal of information and support, coaches are often looking for something more, even just other coaches to creatively collaborate with. 

Andrea now offers both in-person and online coaching mentorship and professional development for coaches of all levels who are looking to improve their knowledge, skills and understanding.  If you are interested in speaking to Andrea about collaboration or mentorship please contact her directly at


What are best practices for both coaching football and helping to develop young people?  How do we as coaches challenge our own assumptions and mindsets so that we can actively explore different options and solutions to find what works best?  Andrea’s true passion is in helping coaches to answer these questions for themselves and to help give them the tools to impact their athletes in a meaningful and holistic way.

Andrea offers professional development seminars and workshops for small groups and clubs that help to augment the regular coaching courses offered by the provincial and national soccer bodies.  Tailored to the group’s individual needs and interests, Andrea draws from her vast experience as a player and coach to help groups delve deeper and develop a better understanding of how to develop athletes and improve their team’s performance.  If you are interested in having Andrea work with your group or club, please contact her directly at


"I really enjoy the coaching courses that I have taken, but Andrea offers things that you can’t get through them.  She goes much, much deeper into the technical aspects of soccer and the fine details of execution of skills.  Moreover, she makes you feel very comfortable and takes you into whatever you are interested in."

Christine (on-line coaching mentee)

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