Within soccer, there are a number of techniques that all individual players must master to be effective in their positions. Non-negotiable football actions like kicking, controlling, heading, guiding the ball, and pressuring an opponent are the very foundation of what creates football excellence in an athlete. While the variations of how a player will need to execute these skills within a match are infinite, there are still best practices for the effective and efficient execution of these physical movements and core guiding principles for superior technique.

Once a player has mastered the physical movements, athletes must then learn to apply that physical movement and the execution of technique within the context of the infinite possibilities of a soccer game. The place where physical movement, technique and decision making meet, is guiding principle for how Andrea’s sessions are structured.


While Andrea is available for coaching individual and team sessions; she strongly believes that athletes skills are best improved working in small groups with other athletes with comparable skills.  This allows for players to receive individualized focused attention, but still facilitates situations where decision-making can be employed.  In larger group situations tactical and decision making situations can be enhanced, but individual attention can suffer; in individual sessions focused feedback is high, but the game context and decision making is limited.

Attempting to achieve personal and athletic excellence is an amazing and life-changing journey.  While it will always be incredibly difficult, challenging ourselves this way can ultimately lead us to the most meaningful lessons of our lives, if we are open to learning about more than just our sport.

Andrea is proud to continue to work as a mentor with athletes of all sports, ages and backgrounds.  This type of collaboration however, goes far beyond individual or small group sessions.  Andrea firmly believes that achieving athletic excellence is a journey that must encompass the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives.

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"For any parent, having a child you think might excel in any way is special. Finding someone who agrees with you and can take that and give them new and better ways to achieve their goal is a rare thing."

Brian (parent)

Soccer Player