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Are you a coach looking for more clarity, structure, a sense of meaning, technical effectiveness, and positive impact through sports and in life?

The Coaching Compass Module 2 is a full-day intensive workshop designed to provide the tools and insights necessary to take your coaching to the next level.

"Working with Andrea changed everything for me. It doesn’t matter what age group, level of play or gender I coach; the principles and reference points of The Coaching Compass are applicable, versatile, and adaptable across every one of my coaching contexts."

     - Lisa White
       Masters in Science - Family Life, Masters in Kinesiology, Chartered Professional Coach, Canada Soccer B             National License

Meet Andrea Neil 


Andrea Neil is an esteemed coach and mentor in the field of sports leadership, highly regarded for her skills and expertise. She has played a significant role in helping numerous coaches improve their abilities and achieve remarkable success in their coaching careers. As the first woman to be inducted into Canada's Sport Hall of Fame for soccer, Andrea is considered a trailblazer in the women's game in Canada. In her playing career, she participated in four FIFA World Cups and represented her country in 132 matches, a record-breaking achievement for a Canadian soccer player at the time of her retirement in 2007. With extensive experience at

the university, professional club, and international levels, Andrea is a passionate and highly knowledgeable coach. She holds a professional UEFA 'A' License from the Italian Football Federation. Additionally, she has received numerous honours and recognitions, including induction into the UBC Sport Hall of Fame, the Whitecaps Ring of Honour, the BC Sport Hall of Fame, the BC Soccer Hall of Fame, the Canada West Hall of Fame, and the Canada Soccer Hall of Fame. Andrea, a graduate of UBC with a degree in kinesiology, aspires to pass on her experiences and knowledge to the next generation through mentorship programs designed for athletes and coaches.

Why I Created The Coaching Compass

The Coaching Compass was born to address the challenges coaches face. I recognized the need for effective strategies and mentorship to support coaches' personal growth as leaders.


Designed with a singular purpose, The Coaching Compass helps coaches unlock more of their true potential.


It blends leadership growth with technical coaching development to offer a transformative experience.


Join us on this journey to discover the power of The Coaching Compass. Elevate your coaching practice, foster personal growth, and create an empowering environment for your athletes.

"The Coaching Compass is unique because it translates Andrea’s wealth of knowledge and experience into tangible language, guidance, and a touchstone. It provided me with much needed support in recognizing my role and influence as a coach and person."

     - Amélie Mercier
         Former university player, Youth Soccer Coach, Small Business Owner (Vancouver)

Join The Coaching Compass Module 2 and unlock the knowledge and skills to understand the symbolic power of the Coaching Compass, enhance player performance, foster collaboration and shared vision, nurture well-being within your team, improve communication, build a supportive team culture, develop as an effective coach, and overcome obstacles to personal and team development.

Secure your spot now for this transformative journey in September 2023, led by Andrea Neil, and join a community of dedicated coaches

"If you go to all the other courses, they are only about the technical. Andrea’s course is about building a better human through the game. Instead of just teaching soccer, she’s giving you the whole educational model, the athlete experience that will help them in life."

     - Manuel Borba
         Head Coach, Penticton Pinnacles Football Club

Who Is The Coaching Compass One-Day Intensive For?

This training is for coaches of any level who want to elevate their clarity, sense of meaning, technical effectiveness, and positive impact.

This training is intended for: 

  • Any coach who is open to learning, growing, and becoming better for their players

  • Any coach who is just beginning their coaching journey but is willing to learn 

  • Any experienced coach who wants to amplify their positive impact

This training is NOT intended for:

  • Coaches who care only about results 

  • Coaches who don’t care about learning and growing through sport

  • Coaches who don’t like to be challenged

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Signs That You're Being Invited To Transform As A Coach

What Can You Expect?

Experience an immersive and engaging workshop combining interactive discussions, practical exercises, presentations, and group activities.


Participate in moments of reflection to deepen your understanding and gain valuable knowledge and strategies.


Benefit from the guidance of Andrea Neil, an experienced coach and facilitator, and seize networking opportunities with like-minded coaches.

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The workshop provides a supportive community environment for exchange and relationship building, creating a space for collaboration and collective learning.


Join us for this transformative workshop that will elevate your coaching practice and connect you with a network of dedicated coaches.

“Hearing Andrea speak about Developing Leadership Skills as a Coach through the Coaching Compass was enlightening. The Coaching Compass offers a tool to support athletes and athletic development not only on a linear path but also from a holistic person-centred approach. The reference points provided are relevant not only to sport coaches, strength coaches, and sport practitioners but to leadership roles beyond the field of play, highlighting the importance of self-awareness as a tool to improve communication and coaching success.”

     - Amarah Epp-Stobbe 
        Canadian Strength & Conditioning Association Board 2022-2024

Join us for The Coaching Compass Module 2 and expect an enriching journey that enhances your coaching practice, empowers your leadership, and enables a lasting positive impact on your athletes.

Course Highlights

In this one-day intensive course, you will:

  • Explore The Coaching Compass framework in-depth and learn how to apply it to your coaching journey.

  • Discover the transformative power of meaning and align your coaching approaches with a higher-level reference point.

  • Focus on personal growth and vertical leadership, enhancing your self-awareness and impactful leadership skills.

  • Gain practical strategies for team development and communication, fostering collaboration and performance.

  • Recognize the holistic nature of player development and learn how to maximize player potential.

By participating in Module 2 of The Coaching Compass, you'll acquire practical tools, strategies, and knowledge that can be immediately applied in your coaching practice. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coach, this intensive workshop will equip you with the skills and understanding to elevate your coaching and create a lasting positive impact on your athletes.

"The Coaching Compass offers a unique perspective of player development and coaching the player as a whole. It guides you through the process of personal reflection and helps you develop the self-awareness you need to see how you’re currently coaching and explore a more meaningful process. One of Andrea’s gifts is her ability to see the player as a complete person and incorporate the four corners of coaching (physical, mental, technical/tactical & socio-emotional) with a much deeper understanding of what we are all trying to aim for."

     - Jacquie Hertlein

        Calgary Women’s Soccer Association, Executive Director

How Will The Coaching Compass Help Me To Transform?

Where you are willing to grow, The Coaching Compass will help you to discover a new approach and orientation towards an elevated way of leading and coaching within sport and life.

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"We are led to believe that sport, both as an athlete and coach, is solely about winning. This misrepresentation can lead to harmful interactions and misplaced purpose. As a leader and facilitator, Andrea invites a reconsideration of the role and opportunity of a coach. The Coaching Compass is a tool that can help anchor a coach as they navigate the responsibilities of leading young athletes. The care that Andrea has put into this program is evident in her delivery and is supported by her own experiences. Knowledge and skill are necessary for leadership, but meaning and purpose can propel significant change. The content and discussion supported through the Coaching Compass transcends a single sport and can be remarkably transformative for any coach hoping to make a difference."

     - Jessica Funk
        Master of Arts in Leadership Student from Royal Roads University, Basketball Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a One-Day Intensive Module 2 Course?

The format includes classroom and on-field teachings. Coaches will engage in discussions, activities, and exercises.  This will be a focused and immersive learning experience.

How confidential is the information shared during the  session?

Confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of coaching. Coaches are bound by ethical guidelines to maintain the confidentiality of all information shared during the session, unless there are legal or safety concerns that require disclosure.

What can I expect from the One-Day Intensive Module 2 Course?

During an intensive module 2 session, you can expect a deep dive into your goals, challenges, and aspirations. It may involve targeted exercises, in-depth discussions, and personalized strategies to accelerate your growth and development.

Can I expect ongoing support after the One-Day Intensive Module 2 session?

We offer ongoing support after an intensive coaching session. This may include follow-up sessions, check-ins, or additional resources to help you implement and sustain the changes initiated during the module 2 session. It's important to discuss post-session support options with us.

How should I prepare for the One-Day Intensive Module 2?

Preparation may involve clarifying your goals, reflecting on your current situation, and identifying any specific issues or challenges you want to address. It's important to come with an open mind and a willingness to actively engage in the process.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, we offer you the ability to pay through two-monthly payments of $239 for One-Day Intensive Offering.

How do I attend the sessions?

A  One-Day Intensive Module 2 schedule will be sent to you through the email address you've provided during enrollment. So make sure to check your Junk/Spam folders!

What is the refund policy?

We unconditionally guarantee that One-Day Intensive Module 2 will bring you value. If it fails to meet your expectations within one week after completing the workshop, don't hesitate to contact for a full refund. 

"She has so much knowledge and energy, what I learned in two sessions with Andrea was the equivalent of taking six sessions from other courses. It isn’t just about what it will do for you as a coach, what she’s teaching, this is what athletes need right now."


     - Paul Ballard 
       UEFA ‘A’ (Irish Football Association) & Canada Soccer ‘A’ licenced coach, Masters of Transformational                    Leadership, Bishops University Women’s Soccer Team Coach

The Format


One-Day Intensive Offering: 
The format includes classroom and on-field teachings. Coaches will engage in discussions, activities, and exercises.  This will be a focused and immersive learning experience.  
Topics covered:

  • The Coaching Compass 

  • Enhancing Personal Growth and Leadership

  • Finding Purpose and Direction

  • Team Development and Communication

  • Holistic Player Development 

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Seats are LIMITED
Reserve your spot now!

Join the One-Day Intensive Module 2 of The Coaching Compass this September 2023.

Course Details

Date: September 2023, Time: TBA, Location: TBA

Course Investment

The one-day intensive Module 2 course is available at the cost of $477. This investment includes access to exclusive resources.

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

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We unconditionally guarantee that One-Day Intensive Module 2 of The Coaching Compass will bring you value and satisfaction. However, if the intensive workshop fails to meet your expectations within one week after completing in any way, please get in touch with and we will issue you a full refund.

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