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The challenges facing clubs and associations today are numerous and often complicated.  From administrative issues, through player retention, to the professional development of its coaches, each club has its own unique and complex circumstances and culture.  Moreover, the reality is that these issues are often being managed by volunteers whose passion outweighs their experience and training in sport.  Finding the path forward to creating an environment where athletes, both young and old, can flourish and grow can be difficult.


Andrea offers a wide variety of services to both clubs and associations to help with these issues.  In addition to key note speaking and professional technical development for coaches, Andrea also consults on a number of important areas for clubs and associations alike.  These include:

  • The purpose of sport vs its outcomes; how soccer can be used to foster character and develop emotionally healthy young people

  • The creation of positive sport cultures

  • The needs of youth female athletes and best practices for building a thriving girls’ program

  • Helping coaches to understand their role as educators and the importance it plays in the development of their athletes


If you are interested in having Andrea attend a coaching seminar, workshop or consulting on your club or association’s specific needs please contact her at

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