The Invitation

Updated: Nov 8

We Are Being Invited to Transform as Coaches and Leaders.

Life and the way that we coach, administrate, and govern the sport in our country needs a major overhaul.

The old model which underpins much of sport and soccer – of people using any means

necessary to climb the hierarchical ladder, of applying for their role in a coercive or rewards-

based way to control those around and beneath them, the overwhelming stress, the negative attitudes, thinking and emotions, the unhealthy comparisons, the unnecessary injuries and overtraining, which occur due to inappropriate training methodologies, and the

sacrificing ethics and purpose in the pursuit of winning at all costs – this paradigm is breaking down.

The invitation to transform this old approach towards sport has always been there – it's just the current climate, through the brave ones who have dared to speak up about the harm they've witnessed and experienced - has seemingly accelerated the breaking of it.

In its place, a new paradigm is emerging where all participants want more meaning, purpose, and growth from their sporting journey.

Many coaches and leaders want to make a more significant and positive impact through their role and influence. Athletes are yearning for safer and more positive experiences, meaning and growth. And there is a deep, collective longing for more connection, collaboration and community that will truly make a more significant difference in our lives and culture.

However, we're at the beginning of this paradigm shift…

It will take a while for things to take a new shape. Many people in the sport are playing by

these old rules, some playing by the new way, while others attempt to straddle both. There is a lot of friction, and this is very unsettling.

Chances are you feel this. Whether you are just starting or have been at this for a long time, you may sense that something "just doesn't feel right.". You sense that something needs to change, but you're still trying to figure out what this might be and what you need to do about it.

There is a deeper purpose than just trying to win, and this purpose is the guiding philosophy

Andrea Neil Coaching.

In the coming weeks, we will launch our first virtual coach education module, called The Coaching Compass.

The mission of The Coaching Compass is to help guide and mentor coaches of all levels on navigating the gap between this old paradigm of sport and a new way.

The Coaching Compass

The Coaching Compass is a purpose-driven and heart-centred mentorship development approach to coaching education, blending leadership and inner growth principles with elements of technical coaching development.

It is meant to be a compass point to help coaches and leaders create the safest possible environment for their athletes, helping them direct sport with more wisdom and care.

The word compass comes from the Latin words’ com meaning “together,” and passus meaning “step.” Combined, the word compass means to step together or to journey together.

The imagery of The Coaching Compass also contains the Northern Star. The Northern Star is a landmark, or sky marker, that helps those who follow it to determine their direction as it guides and leads travellers towards a purposeful destination.

The Coaching Compass, through its powerful symbolism, helps to remind us to work to become clearer and more elevated in the direction of our coaching and leading so that we may serve and lead those within our care in a better way.

I look forward to sharing more about The Coaching Compass Curriculum.

With care and respect for you on your journey,


Founder of Andrea Neil Coaching and The Coaching Compass


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