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"Authentic, driven, and down to earth. Andrea has set the standard of what it takes to be an ethical leader that produces results. Her current work on ethical leadership and psychological safety is a must-have in every organization's leadership toolbox. I consider her an honest broker, trusted advisor and a sincere colleague." 

Sean Bacon

Dynamic Shift

“Andrea spent time with our team within Fraser Health to share techniques and insights through the Coaching Compass Program. This provided us with practical insights on how to better know ourselves, and to become better leaders and people within the workplace and society as a whole. Thank you Andrea for sharing this valuable Coaching Compass program with us at Fraser Health.”

Kiernan Dixon

Executive Director, Contract Management Office (CMO) Fraser Health

"Working with Andrea changed everything for me. It doesn’t matter what age group, level of play or gender I coach; the principles and reference points of The Coaching Compass are applicable, versatile, and adaptable across every one of my coaching contexts."


Lisa White

(Masters in Science - Family Life, Masters in Kinesiology, Chartered Professional Coach, Canada Soccer B National License)

"We are led to believe that sport, both as an athlete and coach, is solely about winning. This misrepresentation can lead to harmful interactions and misplaced purpose. As a leader and facilitator, Andrea invites a reconsideration of the role and opportunity of a coach. The Coaching Compass is a tool that can help anchor a coach as they navigate the responsibilities of leading young athletes. The care that Andrea has put into this program is evident in her delivery and is supported by her own experiences. Knowledge and skill are necessary for leadership, but meaning and purpose can propel significant change. The content and discussion supported through the Coaching Compass transcends a single sport and can be remarkably transformative for any coach hoping to make a difference."


Jessica Funk
Master of Arts in Leadershi
p Student from Royal Roads University, Basketball Coach

“Hearing Andrea speak about Developing Leadership Skills as a Coach through the Coaching Compass was enlightening. The Coaching Compass offers a tool to support athletes and athletic development not only on a linear path but also from a holistic person-centred approach. The reference points provided are relevant not only to sport coaches, strength coaches, and sport practitioners but to leadership roles beyond the field of play, highlighting the importance of self-awareness as a tool to improve communication and coaching success.”

Amarah Epp-Stobbe 
Canadian Strength & Conditioning Association Board 2022-2024

"I loved being with people who shared my values for coaching. It was comforting to know that I am not the only one who values people and their growth (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional) over what we have come to define as success, aka winning.

I also appreciated that the group understood their role as a coach and the impact this can have on the ones we are coaching. This is an important perspective to have in this position of power.

I like the explanation of the compass itself; the meaning of the horizontal and vertical lines and their symbolism was helpful and gave a good foundation for the course. It was easy to grasp, and I immediately saw how an in-depth understanding of this would benefit many of our coaches."


Amy Bobb

Former University Athlete, Coach, Registered Social Worker, Certified Synergistic Play Therapist, Owner of Little Village Play Therapy

"The Coaching Compass is unique because it translates Andrea’s wealth of knowledge and experience into tangible language, guidance, and a touchstone.  It provided me with much needed support in recognizing my role and influence as a coach and person. "

Amélie Mercier

Former university player, Youth Soccer Coach, Small Business Owner (Vancouver)

"She has so much knowledge and energy, what I learned in two sessions with Andrea was the equivalent of taking six sessions from other courses. It isn’t just about what it will do for you as a coach, what she’s teaching, this is what athletes need right now."

Paul Ballard 
(UEFA ‘A’ (Irish Football Association) & Canada Soccer ‘A’ licenced coach, Masters of Transformational Leadership, Bishops University Women’s Soccer Team Coach

"If you go to all the other courses, they are only about the technical. Andrea’s course is about building a better human through the game. Instead of just teaching soccer, she’s giving you the whole educational model, the athlete experience that will help them in life."

Manuel Borba

(Head Coach, Penticton Pinnacles Football Club)

"I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Neil as a Canadian National soccer player many years ago when I worked as a physiotherapist with the national team. More recently I was reconnected to her when I was looking for a technical coach and mentor to my 16 year old daughter. All I can say is that Andrea is an amazing coach and considers the whole person. Her unique and personalized approach does not only focus on Soccer technical skills and the physical requirements needed to excel in the sport, but also considers all the needs, goals and personal qualities of the youth soccer player looking to move forward with their soccer career and life plans. She also was considerate to include the family in discussions about soccer goals. As a sport physiotherapist with 30 years experience and who has worked with high-level soccer players and teams at the Local, Provincial and National level, this approach is very unique and I think extremely valuable to the growth of the youth soccer player. I would highly recommend Andrea to help you with your soccer career and personal growth. She will help you achieve your goals, excel at the sport and stay healthy. Thanks Andrea!"

Dana Ranahan

"Last summer I asked my daughter's club coach for some private coaches we might approach for more intense one-on-one training. At the top of his list by far was Andrea Neil. We were fortunate that Andrea was available and we have never looked back. For any parent, having a child you think might excel in any way is special. Finding someone who agrees with you and can take that and give them new and better ways to achieve their goal is a rare thing. There is an almost zen-like calmness and humility about Andrea, presumably borne of her vast experience at all levels of the game. I have seen my daughter grow into a confident leader on field and a skilled technical player able to take control of a situation and deliver under pressure. She will continue to work with Andrea whenever possible, and any player that wants to raise themselves to another level in the sport of soccer won’t find anyone better to guide them on that path."



“There is something about Andrea. She approaches coaching in a different way than most other coaches we have met. She takes time to know the individual, what they feel they need to work on. She is very authentic, with suggestions and commentary coming from her heart. There is zero ego in what she does. She delivers her coaching in a way that players know she is trying to help them realize their potential. They are given the opportunity to be the best version of themselves on the pitch. The safety of Andrea’s feedback, coupled with her nature and her clear passion for how much she cares about each player is why I want Andrea involved in my daughter’s life. As an accomplished athlete, a coach and as a mentor. She is someone with whom my daughter can talk honestly and openly with, at 14. Her sincerity and authenticity is what shines. Andrea is as interested in how your child is doing as a human being, as how well they are doing as a soccer player.”



"When I first started working with Andrea it was very different from all my previous training. I was surprised with how technical it was. For example, she took a simple kick and broke it into a bunch of smaller movements and motions. When I seemed a bit overwhelmed she took me for a slow walk during a water break and explained the process in a different way, at the same time making me feel more in control and able to understand the concept. This is an example of how she coaches the whole player, not just the on-field aspects. She looks at the player and works with whatever she thinks needs the attention, whether physical, emotional, technical, mental, or tactical. She has made me a better player, both at my own position and within my team."


U15 Player

"Working with Andrea has been really rewarding.  I really enjoy the coaching courses that I have taken, but Andrea offers things that you can’t get through them.  She goes much, much deeper into the technical aspects of soccer and the fine details of execution of skills.  Moreover, she makes you feel very comfortable and takes you into whatever you are interested in.  It is really geared to what you want to learn, and she never makes you feel like you are asking a basic question.  I wasn’t sure how it would go working on-line with her, but in some ways, it has been better than doing it in person.  She records the sessions and then sends them to me.  That allows me to go back and review everything we cover (usually it is a lot), so I don’t miss things or can ask about them in the next session.  I’m very comfortable working with Andrea and love how she is focused on growing the individual as a person, not just as a soccer player.  It comes across in everything she does and talks about."


Online Coaching Mentee

"I’ve known Andrea for about 6 years now and had the pleasure of coaching with her at UBC for two seasons.  As a mentor and dear friend, Andrea has been instrumental in my development as a coach and more importantly my own personal growth – she simply makes you want to be a better person, on and off the field.  Her strong technical competencies are complimented by her kindness, which is a combination we need more coaches to possess.  Any success I have achieved and will achieve is a credit to Andrea’s leadership and support.  I couldn’t recommend anyone better to help you through your coaching journey."

Mark Eckerle

UEFA 'A' Coach, Head Coach, Langara College Women’s Soccer Team

"I remember training with Andrea when I was with the Whitecap men’s team.  She came out to a session with us and fit right in both technically and with her attitude; she’s a true footballer. That being said, for me, it is still her personality that makes her stand out.  The respectfulness, the generosity, how she presents, are at an equally high level. That’s why I wanted to work with her. She’s done so much to make soccer better, not only locally but in Canada and globally as well. One hundred thirty-two games played for Canada, and at a time when women’s soccer was so much less funded and accepted. The amount of sacrifice that generation made for the country was incredible. Then to go into the heavily male-dominated centre in Corvicano, Italy and get her UEFA ‘A’ licence…she’s an amazing mentor for young people."

Nick Dasovic

UEFA Pro Licence Coach, Head U23 Men’s Coach, Vancouver Whitecaps, Former business partner of Dasovic-Neil Coaching


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