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Andrea Neil had the most international appearances of any soccer player in Canadian history when she retired as an athlete. She was the first woman and third soccer player to be inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Recognized as a pioneer in women’s soccer, she competed in four FIFA World Cups as an athlete and coached within the national team program for three more years, where she attended her fifth World Cup as a coach.  

With over two decades of international experience as an athlete and a coach, Andrea possesses a wealth of expertise in cultivating high-performing individuals and teams. In addition to her Bachelor of Human Kinetics, focusing on health, fitness, and psychology, Andrea has pursued advanced studies in coaching and leadership at the elite level in Italy and Holland.  Through her framework of The Coaching Compass, Andrea seamlessly bridges her expertise in elite performance, leadership, team building, and psychology from the sports world to the corporate/organizational realm.  

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The Coaching Compass is Andrea Neil’s leadership development approach that centers around optimizing leaders' internal operating systems to enhance their effectiveness and capabilities as leaders.  This comprehensive approach incorporates purpose and values-driven compass points and intrapersonal work, which, when sincerely embraced, elevate each leader's problem-solving, decision-making, conflict-management, and communication skills to new heights.  Through her coaching approach, she guides leaders to unleash more of their inherent potential, propelling them toward more positive influence and a path to more meaning and fullness in life.

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"Working with Andrea changed everything for me as a leader. The Coaching Compass's principles and reference points are applicable, versatile, and adaptable across all my working and life contexts."
  - Lisa White, MSc, MHK- Chartered Professional Coach & Administrator

“Andrea spent time with our team within Fraser Health to share techniques and insights through the Compass Program. This provided us with practical insights on how to know ourselves better and to become better leaders and people within the workplace and society as a whole. Thank you, Andrea, for sharing this valuable Coaching Compass program with us at Fraser Health.”

          - Kiernan Dixon, Executive Director, Fraser Health

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