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Andrea Neil

TEDx + Keynote Speaker I Coach + Educator I Former National Soccer Team Player + Coach I UEFA A Licensed Coach (Italy) I Encouraging Transformational Leadership in Business, Education + Sports 📷: @tempestphotoray

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Photo by Ray Shum


Photo by Ray Shum

I'm Andrea Neil, and I’m deeply inspired by transformational leadership development. With over two decades of international soccer (football) experience as an athlete, captain, administrator and coach, including five FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament appearances, I bring a wealth of expertise to my work.

My formal studies in Human Kinetics and advanced coaching and leadership studies in Italy and Holland have equipped me with a deep understanding of human performance, psychology and leadership. 

Drawing from my extensive life experiences, I've developed The Coaching Compass.  This methodology for leadership development is firmly rooted in transformational principles and places a strong emphasis on self-awareness as a catalyst for growth. Taking a holistic approach allows me to address interconnected topics such as high performance, organizational culture, psychological safety, decision-making, communication, mental health, team building & more. 


My vision is for leadership to transcend traditional roles, embodying elevated purpose, empathy, integrity, and a commitment to bettering our world.


I am passionate about fostering growth and excellence and empowering individuals to become ethical, purpose-driven leaders. 

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Photo by Ray Shum

Who Do I Work With?

Whether in sports, education, or business settings, I collaborate with individuals and organizations committed to their personal and professional growth.

I customize programming to meet your needs through keynote speaking, workshops, and personalized coaching.

How I Can Help

Let's embark on a transformational journey together. Whether you're an educator, executive, athlete or anyone looking to develop their leadership potential, I'm here to support you on your journey. Please feel free to contact me to explore how I may help.

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"Authentic, driven, and down to earth. Andrea has set the standard of what it takes to be an ethical leader that produces results. Her current work on ethical leadership and psychological safety is a must-have in every organization's leadership toolbox. I consider her an honest broker, trusted advisor and a sincere colleague."

Sean Bacon, Dynamic Shift

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