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Over the past ten years, I have understood that many of the principles of leadership in sports are the same as those in every aspect of society, including family, health, education, and business. 

Through my experiences, I have become interested in understanding more about the inner development and psychology that produces great leaders who shape and create high-functioning teams, organizations, and communities.  

The Coaching Compass is a leadership approach that aligns with this understanding.  It emphasizes the intrapersonal work needed to create the elevated and effective leaders that the world needs.

What is the Coaching Compass?  

The Coaching Compass offers a unique experience that promotes enhanced inner awareness, clarity, meaning and direction, improving leadership communication, problem-solving, conflict-management and decision-making skills.  

The Coaching Compass recognizes that leadership development involves inner and moral development that impacts a leader's ability to lead positively and empathetically. 

By integrating these aspects, leaders can create an environment that fosters growth and development, leading to a more elevated and positive impact within their respective fields and spheres of influence.  

When people are willing to grow, The Coaching Compass will help them discover a new approach and orientation toward an elevated way of leading and coaching within sport and life to achieve more impactful and meaningful outcomes for themselves and their athletes.


To learn more about The Coaching Compass, you can sign up here:

The Coaching Compass offers a unique perspective of player development and coaching the player as a whole. It guides you through the process of personal reflection and helps you develop the self-awareness you need to see how you’re currently coaching and explore a more meaningful process. One of Andrea’s gifts is her ability to see the player as a complete person and incorporate the four corners of coaching (physical, mental, technical/tactical & socio-emotional) with a much deeper understanding of what we are all trying to aim for.

Jacquie Hertlein

(Calgary Women’s Soccer Association, Executive Director)

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