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 "The Coaching Compass's principles and reference points are applicable, versatile, and adaptable across all my working and life contexts."

- Lisa White, MSc, MHK- Chartered Professional Coach & Administrator

Drawing from her life experiences and education, Andrea introduces her guiding framework, The Coaching Compass, designed to cultivate heart-centred ethical leadership qualities such as courage, wisdom, integrity, and empathy.

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At the core of Andrea's philosophy lies the belief that self-awareness sparks growth and transformation. By nurturing ourselves as leaders, we can directly influence various interconnected aspects like high performance, culture, psychological safety, decision-making, communication, mental health, team building, and more.

By prioritizing individual growth alongside these aspects of leadership, Andrea and her team offer a comprehensive strategy for elevating leadership and fostering positive change.

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Inspire Growth, Drive Results

"As a leader and facilitator, Andrea invites a reconsideration of the role and opportunity of a coach. The Coaching Compass is a tool that can help anchor a coach as they navigate the responsibilities of leading young athletes. The care that Andrea has put into this program is evident in her delivery and is supported by her own experiences. Knowledge and skill are necessary for leadership, but meaning and purpose can propel significant change. The content and discussion supported through the Coaching Compass transcends a single sport and can be remarkably transformative for any coach hoping to make a difference."

- Jessica Funk, Master of Arts in Leadership Student from Royal Roads University, Basketball Coach

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Invest in yourself,

Invest in your team.


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