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Perspective is a State of Mind

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As a former National Team athlete and coach, my journey has been filled with highs and lows, victories and defeats. Amidst the physical demands of my training, a moment of reflection changed how I approached my sport and life as a whole. A simple saying on the wall of a physiotherapist's office caught my eye: "Perspective is a state of mind."

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At first encounter, these words seemed like a puzzle waiting to be solved. What did it mean? As I grappled with its essence, the quote gradually unfolded its wisdom to me. In fact, it still does so even today as I contemplate deeper and deeper levels. “Perspective is a state of mind" suggests that our outlook on the world is intricately connected to our mindset (and hearts). It implies that the lens through which we see situations, events, or challenges is not fixed but shaped by the internal state of our minds.

Consider this: two people witnessing the same event may walk away with vastly different perspectives based on their attitudes, beliefs, and mental frameworks. This realization was a game-changer for me. It underscored the idea that, despite external circumstances, we can influence how we view and respond to the world around us.

As people, we are no strangers to adversity. In the face of setbacks and obstacles, the power of perspective becomes a formidable ally. We can transform our outlook on challenges by cultivating a positive and open-minded state of mind grounded within our hearts. This isn't about denying the difficulties but facing them with resilience, understanding, and optimism.

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In the arena of sports and life, victories and defeats are inevitable. However, the perspective we carry into those moments defines our experience. The quote that once adorned the physiotherapist's wall has become a guiding maxim in my life. It serves as a constant reminder that, regardless of the hurdles before us, our state of mind can shape our journey.

So, as I continue to navigate the twists and turns of life beyond the competitive field, I carry with me the profound understanding that perspective is not just a point of view; it is very often a choice. It's a state of mind that empowers us to find meaning, growth, and even joy in facing challenges.


Embracing this perspective has made a difference in my life, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary lessons and transforming obstacles into opportunities for personal growth and development.

With sincere respect,

Andrea Neil TEDx
Photo by Ray Shum

Andrea Neil

Founder of Andrea Neil Coaching and

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